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Untamed and Casual

This seemingly untamed men's look shows the whole point of the season's trend: cut on to levels with a light undercut and strongly textured, overlapping contours the overall appeal is full and sensual. The hair in the front crown section is longer and tapers out into an asymmetrical, hook shaped fringe. This is a complex technique for a statement of ultimate nonchalance.
All of this is accentuated with fine reflexes of a sunlit color that is worked into the hair free handedly. The result: a hairstyle that is wild and romantic at the same time. Styling variations: long tassels into the face or aerodynamically styled to the side - the new looks for men convince with their unconventionality. Special styling products preserve hold and nourish the hair.
male hairstyle with nonchalance
Collection: Triple-Chic
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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