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Rocking Dandy

Well behaved and adapted? Not necessarily. The new generation of men's hairstyles presents itself unconventional and pays homage to the Zeitgeist. Full textures surprise; just like here in this smart cut, which was inspired by the style of the ska era. In focus: long, lightly textured top hair with an equally long fringe section, casually falling diagonally across the forehead. This is perfect with a deep, cool mocha brown.
Neck and sides remain short like the classic styles, but the generous contours facilitate many styling experiments. The rock'n rolling variation with its raised and leisurely back styled top hair shows the full potential of this cut. One minute in a dandyesque ska look and suddenly, with an indicated quiff, transformed into a modern interpretation of a 60s hero.
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Collection: Triple-Chic
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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