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Tulip Style with Fire

Barbra Streisand loved similar short hairstyles in the 60s and the sleek, dynamic shape is still a big trend today. It even looks so new that the word retro does not really fit, especially after the Gandini treatment. The shape was taken to the extreme with the top slightly lifted and very round and a seamless tapering towards the neck. The face is more hugged than framed with this tulip or drop shape hairstyle.
The highlight of it is the streak of color which illuminated the S shaped line that originates on the crown and ends in a point along the jaw line. The base color, a rich medium brown first lightens up with blonde streaks and then it is the bright copper streak that makes its grand appearance.
Collection: Timeless
Hair: Gandini Team
Make-up: Stefania Pellizzaro
Photography: Stefano Bidini
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