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Ruby Red Attitude

The red hair color is so intense that it can stand on its own without too much activity in a cut. The smooth, neck long round cut gives it just that. Simplicity in this collection comes with a flashy side and a fine artistry of the cut that allows alternate styling options.
A stunning effect is as thin as a tiny whisper and in the shape of gossamer fine, longer sections breaking up the uniformity to the line. A change of direction of the hair channels the power of nature with a windswept styling. Passion is this hairstyle's middle name, made very clear and blindingly beautiful with the burning sensation of the soulful color.
Collection: Straight
Hair: JeanLuc Paris
Photography: Masa Yuasa, Berlin
Make-up: Rymma G√ľnther and Manuela Kopp, Berlin
Clothes: Alla Kirchner, Berlin
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