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Straight and Strong

The finesse sits in the detail. It is the slender, tiny sideburns, the gentle angle of the fringe and the sleek shiny surface with its play of various tones of brown. A metallic sheen accompanies the geometric shape that reminds of the vintage mushroom cuts.
The short avant-garde haircut is transformed radically to a whole new vibe by messing up the straightness with a few drops of product and the fingers. The hair can be pulled against the grain towards one side and ruffled up in the back to create a lot of movement and texture. Who does not like to transform this quickly and thoroughly?
Collection: Straight
Hair: JeanLuc Paris
Photography: Masa Yuasa, Berlin
Make-up: Rymma G√ľnther and Manuela Kopp, Berlin
Clothes: Alla Kirchner, Berlin
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