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Noble Rust

Copper and a deep rusty color come together for a sizzling medley of metallic beauty. The sharp angles accentuate the softness of her face and are as stylish as can be. A straight fringe, cut as with a laser connects in a 90 degree corner with the sides that are just a couple of inches longer and equally straight.
A bit of extremely fine layering allows a smooth curve to develop all around, which sweetens the harshness of the lines and points. The hair color is applied in a marbled pattern that scintillates and captivates. With one targeted swipe the strict short haircut transforms into a sexy tousled look of refined asymmetry and texture.
Collection: Straight
Hair: JeanLuc Paris
Photography: Masa Yuasa, Berlin
Make-up: Rymma G√ľnther and Manuela Kopp, Berlin
Clothes: Alla Kirchner, Berlin
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