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Two in One

video Versatility is the name of these short haircuts with long layers that can be styled in a myriad of ways. The two examples shown here give you an indication of how flexible this amazing cut is. You can turn it into a statement of your daily attitude, rebellious, gentle or sexy and it also has its sophisticated side. All depends on the styling of the textured strands.
Tchip puts much emphasis on motion in this collection and any movement comes out better when the strands are well defined and the curves are big and bold. Each direction brings a new vibe. What makes these haircuts so tempting and sexy is the direct effect of fine strands caressing the neck, especially when worn with a collarless blouse or shirt.
Try it pulled into your face with an overlapping fringe, or full of volume and a happy go lucky wispiness in every tip.
Collection: Short Haircuts
Hair: Tchip