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French Twist Upgraded

The classic French twist is a famous classic of unsurpassed elegance in simplicity. For a grand night out Sherif Zaki recommends an upgraded French twist that has more height, more curves and a precious color. The hair flows seamlessly around her head.
A snug strain accentuates her face in place of a fringe and each side of this style reveals a new pattern of movement and color. Bright silver, platinum highlights and darker tones are used to their best potential and bring more dimension and much structure to this fascinating and very feminine, elegant up-style.
  • Hair up into a French twist
  • fascinating up-style
  • French twist
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Collection: Sherif Zaki Salon
Salon: Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa, Greenville
Hairstylist: Sherif Zaki
Haircolorist: Lisa Saunders
Makeup: Tara Popov
Photographer: Scott Bryant / Passion
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