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Rolling Waves Updo

Three major surges of hair crown this elegant updo that is fit for a wedding. Long hair was teased, pulled back and shaped to this rollercoaster of glamour. The side strands were pulled up tightly and in the back all comes together in a darling tug and roll bun with playful curly action.
As ethereal as the entire style so is the color. A moonlight blonde with heavy platinum and sterling silver will take everyone's breath away.
  • Rolling waves updo
  • Roll bun
  • Elegant updo>
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Collection: Sherif Zaki Salon
Salon: Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa, Greenville
Hairstylist: Sherif Zaki
Haircolorist: Lisa Saunders
Makeup: Tara Popov
Photographer: Scott Bryant / Passion
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