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Sculpted Shorty

Some of the coolest haircuts are a mix of old and new elements. This short, very sculpted look has a lovely touch of vintage but also very distinct modern lines and styling. To find the right balance is a great art and Sherif Zaki hit gold with this asymmetrical look.
Again it is the long and this time slightly curved side burns that catch our attention. A graduated neck flows in perfect roundness and the fluffy quiff above her forehead is shifted to the side. Masculine and feminine elements create sparks.
Short haircut with vintage elements
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Collection: Sherif Zaki Salon
Salon: Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa, Greenville,DE
Hairstylist: Sherif Zaki
Haircolorist: Teresa Demaio
Makeup: Tara Popov
Photographer: Scott Bryant / Passion
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