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Sexy Purple

Bring new attitude to your bangs with a new color. To add some sexy flair to your hairstyle a bit of intense purple can do wonders. Here the base color is a deep black, cut in short layers with a graduated and long neck.
Sideburns accentuate the shape of her face and make it even more expressive. In comes a long curved and also layered fringe in a deep, rich aubergine tone and ready is an exciting short haircut that is feminine and elegant, while having a lot of spice and character.
Long curved bangs
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Collection: Sherif Zaki Salon
Salon: Sherif Zaki Salon & The Oasis Spa, Greenville,DE
Hairstylist: Sherif Zaki
Haircolorist: Teresa Demaio
Makeup: Tara Popov
Photographer: Scott Bryant / Passion
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