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Timeless Dandy

Elegance can also play a big role in men's hairstyles, which now come in more variety than ever. This dapper short look uses the natural wave and flow of the hair its very advantage. The styling keeps symmetry in the wave pattern while all of the hair is guided towards the front. All results in a beautiful surface texture with a lot of shine.
The fringe is curved to the side and except for one teasing gap forms a handsome line. Sides and back are short and have a neat outline, just like all of the classic men's cuts. Even though a lot of evergreen elements of men's coiffure can be found here, the attitude of this look is very modern and innovative.
very modern haircut for men
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video Collection: Fall/Winter 2011/2012
Hair: Samuel Rocher Team
Photographer: Pedro Pacheco
Make Up: Elodie Fiuza
Stylist: Marta Espadas
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