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Mesmerizing Geometry

They say every one has a dark side. Now you can show yours! Of course the first attention getter of this short hairstyle is the wide black hair color streak that graces the long, rounded bangs and contrasts nicely to the sterling silver color of the bowl shaped haircut. At second glance however you will discover all of the meticulously crafted elements that make this haircut so special.
The laser sharp cutting line, the face hugging, small sideburns that not only complete the look but also bring attention to her cheekbones, the intricate graduating of the neck and along the sides and last but not least the finesse of the shape of the fringe.
short bowl shaped haircut
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Collection: Pur Contraste
Hair: Bruno Melgani
Make-up: Mariana Miteva
Styling: MJeremy Bueno
Photography: Eric Forlini
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