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Rugged and Sexy

Styled towards the back the great texture of the short layered haircut really comes out and forms a stunning and very flattering contour. The hair reaches to about the middle of her neck where it gently curves around the ears towards the front and all the rest of the hair is directed towards the back and styled with a lot of airy volume in mind.
The root lift can be done with a styling brush and a blow dryer and it gives the hair a very elegant lightness and even though the hairstyle has so many pointy and rugged elements, the general impression is one of softness. A fun and very chic touch are the long strands that shape half of a frame for her fully exposed face.
middle of the neck length haircut
Collection: Pur Contraste
Hair: Bruno Melgani
Make-up: Mariana Miteva
Styling: MJeremy Bueno
Photography: Eric Forlini
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