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Twirls and Highlights

For the real fashion conscious young girls a touch of color can really brighten their day. It is not necessary, and perhaps not a good idea anyway, to dye the entire head, but a few highlights around the face are easy to do and can grow out easily. Another very stylish aspect of her long, textured hairstyle is the deep side part, allowing the long fringe to fashionably drape over her right eye.
Her deep walnut brown base color is perfectly matched by the butterscotch colored streaks that accentuate the shape of her haircut and frame her face. The hair is layered in its last quarter and has a lot of texture to thin out the bottom and give the look a soft and flowy outline.
Fashion hairstyle for young girls
Modern hairstyles for kids
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Collection: Kidz Walk
Hair: J.7 artistic team - Michael Knöpfle & Patrick Brack
Photography: Vlado Golub
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