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Little Rebel

Heartbreakers start early. Barely out of the diapers, this young boy channels James Dean with his hairstyle. The difference to his iconic role model is not only his tender age, but his look is of course modernized, has more volume and less pomade.
The top hair, which is slightly longer than he sides is lifted up, this can be done with a round brush and a blow dryer, or requiring less bribing and patience, a touch of light gel or mousse and kneading the damp hair with fingers while teasing it into place. He can be ready in no time and get on his toy motorbike to wrap the world around his little finger.
Gel styled hair for little boys
Modern hairstyles for kids
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Collection: Kidz Walk
Hair: J.7 artistic team - Michael Knöpfle & Patrick Brack
Photography: Vlado Golub
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