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Glamour Look for a Young Girl

Even little girls have their moments to look glamorous. Help her along by giving her a hairstyle that would fit on any red carpet. Elegance and playfulness come together in this updo, that is styled with a lot of tousles on top to look young and fresh. A long strand falls down the back and is curled to perfection with a curling iron.
A long and wide strand replaces a fringe and makes her adorable face shine. The ends of the pinned up hair are left to fall into whichever direction they want, creating volume and lots of movement on top. This look may appear complicated, but it is easy to do and depending on skill in less than 15 minutes.
Hairstyles for children
Hairstyles for little girls
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Collection: Juniors
Hairstyle: Top Model Coiffure
Photo: © Alain Rico
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