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Girls Hairstyle with Twists and Tousles

With this hairstyle busy mom's don't have to worry about her hair getting messed up withing the first 20 minutes of playtime. It is created for fun! The hair is already curled and tousled and if it is ruffled even more, then the better. Main thing is to keep it out of her face, so that she does not get distracted by flying strands in her eyes.
For this thick, individual strands on the front part of the crown are twisted backwards by adding more and more hair into them as you go back. Just past the center of her crown, small claps were used to keep the rolls of hair in place. The ends are then tousled and arranged in a crazy little cascade.
Hairstyles for children
Hairstyles for little girls
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Collection: Juniors
Hairstyle: Top Model Coiffure
Photo: © Alain Rico
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