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Retro Hairstyle for Young Girls

She might not know what the 50s, Rock and Roll and beehives were, but she might enjoy this fun, retro look a lot. Bump up her hair with a foam insert to get that cool lift in the back. Sleek the hair up with some smoothing serum. This makes it plyable, gives it shine, good hold and avoids individual "flying" hairs. In case she does not have the lenght, there is no reason to not use a hairpiece in her original color.
As a final touch, a shimmering headband not only covers the transitions, it raises the fun and the approval rate of the trendy children's club. Another style, that is easy to do and really kid proof.
Hairstyles for children
Hairstyles for little girls
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Collection: Juniors
Hairstyle: Top Model Coiffure
Photo: © Alain Rico
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