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Viva La Mane

With long hair like this you will never again suffer from a lack of attention, neither by your stylist, nor by anyone else. The luxurious look can be a bit high maintenance, but you are worth it. The same mid-back cut as in the previous description is now styled for a lot of volume and even more movement.
Large waves and curly ends are the simple recipe. The partition is not in the center to make sure that all this gorgeous mass of long hair is balanced symmetrically on both sides. The golden walnut hair color goes right with the theme of preciousness.
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video Collection: Mon Coiffeur et Moi
Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles: Jeff Causse, Virginie Messai & Valentin Mordacq
Make-up: Anthony Preel, Yacine Diallo
Photography: Fred Aufray
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