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Mon Coiffeur et Moi

Jean Louis David Hairstyles

For their 50th anniversary Jean Louis David decided to celebrate the special relationship of hairdresser to client. Without this unique bond and connection the world of hair would be a sad place. What does your hairdresser mean to you? Your friend, psychologist, motivator?
No matter what, every visit should be a special one and give you new joy, beauty and a bigger bounce in your step. The hairstyles in the autumn - winter collection by Jean Louis David reflect this vibe and bring us eight exquisite choices of joie de vivre made into hair!
  • layered shoulder length haircut
  • sporty haircut for short hair
  • short layered haircut
  • haircut with a short neck
  • modern short haircut
  • long hair with tapering
  • mid-back hair with curls and waves
  • male fashion haircut
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There is a freshness about these looks that is so much fun to see and, you bet, even more fun to wear. Feisty textures, lots of motion, some romance, much expression and most of all individually tailored looks that make personalities visible.
video Copyright: Jean Louis David
Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles: Jeff Causse, Virginie Messai & Valentin Mordacq
Make-up: Anthony Preel, Yacine Diallo
Photography: Fred Aufray
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