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Buzz Cut Short

A dollop of fluffy handsomeness builds up to an airy, whipped cream textured quiff above his forehead. A pointed nod to the rebellious fashion of the 50s and still one of the trendiest things a man can do with his fringe.
Dapper and fashion forward, almost ethereal bathed in the color of a baby soft vanilla, baby blonde that is one of the hot fall / winter trends. Sides and back are buzz cut short and the textured length on top makes for quite a contrast. Of course this men's haircut also offers a range of styling variations to make it through the cold months in style and without any boredom.
Buzz cut blonde hair for men - Side view
50s quiff for men with blonde hair
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Collection: Autumn Hairstyles
Hair: Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Photography: Bert Goeman
Make-up: Martine Lück
Products: Paul Mitchell
Clothing: Hale Bob and Rocking Blue
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