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Rockabella Up-Style

Go pink and style your hair in a rocking retro look that celebrates the 50s and takes some of those famous elements of style to our decade. Of course there has to be a well sized quiff and a high styled bouncy back that goes along with all of her dance moves.
To style this the hair was separated in three sections, the middle curled up and tugged in to form the formidable wave on her crown, the other two were pulled to the back and pinned tight with the tips of the hair forming a fancy ridge of feminine and sexy curls.
hair pulled to the back and pinned tight
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Collection: Doris Fuchs 2010
Hair Stylist: Linda
Hair Coloring: Linda
Photography: Sandra Welter
Make-up: Heike M. Falkenstein
Salon: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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