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Short Hair with High Volume

Active women love this kind of hairstyle. Short enough to keep them cool in all situations and with enough length to style the hair in many different ways to their hearts content. The long fringe was lifted up and curved backwards for a large quiff that exuded a retro and androgynous charm. Sides and back are skillfully graduated and have a very clean outline.
The sparkle comes in with the champagne color that has some very attractive silver accents in selected places. This style looks especially good with turtlenecks and blouses or jackets that have collars, which can be turned up. It is fresh and polished, but also very modern and highly flexible.
short hairstyle for active women
Collection: Doris Fuchs 2010
Hair Stylist: Doris Fuchs
Hair Coloring: Nathalie
Photography: Sandra Welter
Make-up: Heike M. Falkenstein
Salon: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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