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Glamorous Black Curls

Long curls are always luxurious and glamorous. Dipped in this deep raven color the effect is even more dramatic with a good portion of mystery and sensuality. The hair reaches far below the shoulders and is cut in long layers to aid with the distribution of the volume and to reduce the weight a little.
Parted on the side the long fringe falls off to both sides and completes the flattering frame around her face. The curls are mostly well defined and separated, but they alternate with a few gently tousled sections that keep things natural and sexy.
long raven hair with curls
Collection: Doris Fuchs 2010
Hair Stylist: Doris Fuchs
Hair Coloring: Nathalie
Photography: Sandra Welter
Make-up: Heike M. Falkenstein
Salon: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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