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Golden Layers

Hair that grows over the shoulder needs a good cut just as much as short hair to look stylish and neat. This long haircut with fine layers and face framing tapering is perfect for professional women who like their hair long, but also need a neat, modern look for the office.
The fringe is playful with some fine strands that transition into a longer section, which is then styled off to the side. Styling keeps things sleek, smooth and shiny. The medium blond color of the hair turns sunny and bright with a top layer of thin sandy blonde highlights.
modern long hair with layers
Collection: Doris Fuchs 2010
Hair Stylist: Tatjana Feldmann
Hair Coloring: Nathalie
Photography: Sandra Welter
Make-up: Heike M. Falkenstein
Salon: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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