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Striking Streaks

Shoulder long layers are cut straight at the bottom, with just a little texture added in the tips. The real drama happens along the sides where a steep tapered line has a beautiful feathery texture that frames the face in blonde softness. Of course the color plays a huge part in the success of this look as well and the various shades of blonde were applied in a different pattern in separate areas of the hairstyle.
Long wide, super light streaks flow from the crown down the sides and come out right next to her face. The highlights in the fringe are as a contrast extremely fine and subtle and the lower section around the shoulders is of a lighter, golden color throughout. This intricate play of light and shadow makes this medium length hairstyle a real treat.
shoulder long hairstyle with layers
Collection: Doris Fuchs 2010
Hair Stylist: Steffi
Hair Coloring: Nathalie
Photography: Sandra Welter
Make-up: Heike M. Falkenstein
Salon: Doris Fuchs Art of Hair
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