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Long and Blonde with Waves

Angelic but with a hint of danger. A long haircut in balanced geometry comes as neat and clear as it gets. Purity of shape and color are set together with surprising waves that surround the face in a hypnotizing serpentine line.
Perhaps with a hairstyle like this we can remain in paradise this time. To counteract all the smoothness the edges were textured and keep up a rather choppy nature at the very edge of this look of celestial style dipped in a light vanilla blonde.
Long blonde hair
Collection: Eclipses
Hair: André Delahaigue & Karima Benzina for Jean-Marc Maniatis
Hair Coloring: Enzo Veiga & Pamela Frangopulos
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Sylvie Portugal
Photography: Frédéric Farré
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