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Jean-Marc Maniatis Hairstyles

Blond or brunette and curly lengths versus androgynous short haircuts are one of the winning line-ups of stunning hairstyles for spring and summer. Seems as if the choices were limited but within this range there are lots of possibilities and Jean Marc Maniatis defined the essence of this summer's fashion in hair. Simplicity is one of them as well as refined shapes and textures of luxury, sensual designs and an effortless casual elegance.
  • long blonde hair with waves
  • corkscrew curls
  • wavy blonde bob
  • gamine haircut
  • feminine quiff
  • slicked back hair
  • short layered haircut
  • modern look for men
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These looks are tailored to the individual to bring out their key traits and personality. Flexible stylings allow bold changes to highlight all the other facets that we have. Who wants to be the same every day anyway? Emphasis is clearly set on shape and the structure of the hair and exotic plays of color are left to the sunsets and the happy hour drinks with the little umbrella inside.
Hair: André Delahaigue & Karima Benzina for Jean-Marc Maniatis
Hair Coloring: Enzo Veiga & Pamela Frangopulos
Make-up: Aline Schmitt
Styling: Sylvie Portugal
Photography: Frédéric Farré
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