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Beautiful without End (2)

The fringe heavy base cut takes on a whole new character with a little bit of stylish treatment. Smooth and sensual with a fine transition from volume to form fitting ends the retro look evolves to a picture of elegance. The front and top hair were gently teased to the back and fixated with a mist of good, heavy hold hairspray.
Since the teasing occurs mostly at the base, a nice lift of the hair results which gives this style its seductive volume. There is a seamless transition to the long and straight sides which fold themselves snugly around her neck. The color has its very own power and bathes the hairstyle in a radiant caramel - brandy tone at the inside and roots and then a warm, sandy blonde in the lengths.
Medium length hair teased to the back
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Collection: Easy Living
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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