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Short & Red

A red of breathtaking luminosity! The Tizian red hair color lives up to its full potential with this new short cut. The contrast of short contours and long, compact top hair, together with the hues lightening up in the increasing length, creates a titillating play of shape and color. It is the contrast of short and long, within a blunt cutting line that makes this texture so exciting. The geometrical architecture of the cut appears soft natural even with all of its clarity.
Styling Variation: the fringe and the top hair are deconstructed and tousled or gently teased. Thanks to the masterful coloring, which transitions from a brown hue at the base to a radiant copper red in the lengths, the overall image is glamorous.
short haircut with long top hair
short hairstyles
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Collection: Easy Living
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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