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Multi Tone Tint

Is it brown, violet or silver? It is all of it. Streaks are set next to each other, they overlap each other and the appearance of the haircut's color changes with every move and with the angle it is hit by the light. All of the hues are on the soft side but stand out since they are unusual choices for hair. It will make you look twice and then again until you fall in love with the fine-tuned vibe, the exquisite expression of this metallic and yet romantic mélange of colors.
All are held together by a round, androgynous short haircut in the style of the mod and mushroom looks. A final and equally dramatic element is the exaggerated side burns that surprisingly turn very feminine with a pointed and flirty curve along the line of her cheekbones.
Collection: Color Addict
Hairstyle: Bruno Weppe for VOG Coiffure
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