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Drama Galore

Have a great entrance with long flowing locks that surpass any of the dramatic hairstyles that we have grown to love watching soap operas. All about this hairstyle is big. But let's look at the color first. A highly sophisticated blonde tone, in the darker and more subdued range, sparkles with sophistication and that mainly because it just covers so much area with its soft charm.
Of course there are some lighter streaks, subtle as they can be, to create added dimension and to illuminate the flow of the long layered style. As an extra touch and homage to the 70s and 80s a section of the side flowing wave was rounded just a bit more for a feathery, flowy and so very dramatic effect. Coupled with the noblesse of this silky turtlenecked and scarved blouse the path to fashion fame is wide open.
Collection: Color Addict
Hairstyle: Bruno Weppe for VOG Coiffure
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