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Medium Bob with Curls

It does not get any more relaxed than this. With all its casual flair this medium layered bob still has enough chic to make a point at business meetings and to turn heads at the bistro or in the mall.
Easy going but with a lot of elegance in color and flow this low maintenance curly hairstyle will quickly become your favorite look of the season. The finesse is not only in the artfully curled sides but very much so in the mix of a dark brown base color with mahogany streaks adding more light and accentuating the movement.
This photo also shows another trend of the season. It is the return of the sporty silk blouse as we remember it from the 80s. The length of the hair does not hide the collar and with the sleeves pushed up to the elbow or rolled up even higher, the new urban look brings a light and casual esprit into the urban streets.
Collection: City Chic
Hairstyle: Louis Lafolie for Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois
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