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Casual Look

The last look with this particular model shows another degree shorter in the haircut, with the hair's silhouette being more rounded and featuring an asymmetrical fringe area. The color has transitioned again to a warmer, coppery overtone on the walnut base, making the hair look richer and more reflective of the light.
The styling sticks with the natural-looking beachy wave, and is scrunched as it is dried to make sure that the volume s tays where it's wanted. The long, asymmetrical line of the fringe dips and curves around the eyes and gives the whole face a focus. The result is a look that is oh-so casual, yet just edgy enough to make sure that people will take note.
Collection: Hair Trends Autumn-Winter 2011-2012
Hairstyle: Coiff&Co
Artistic Director: William Lepec
Photography: Nicolas Buisson
Styling: Kathrin Lezinsky
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