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Classic Men's Haircut

Granted, men's hair styles have varied over the years, but the trends are often slower to change and even when they do, the looks that are "classic" are still easily found when looking around. Here we see a classic men's haircut with shorter lengths and tapering layers along the sides and back, but with plenty of length left in the top and forward crown sections. This same look has been seen in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and every other decade throughout modern history.
The changes are only in the products and techniques used to style the hair once it is cut. In this case, our model's hair is manipulated with a small amount of sculpting paste and given lift and volume in the forward areas of the cut, while the fingers are used to rake the hair back and give definition and separation to the locks. The look is stylish and masculine and calls to mind such leading men as Rock Hudson, Elvis Presley, Antonio Sabato Jr. and countless others.
hairstyle for men
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Collection: Paris Fatal
Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Franck Provost
Hair: Fabien Provost and Alexandrine Piel
Make-up: Charlotte Willer
Styling: Wil
Photos: Adel Awad
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