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Sleek Razor-Cut Hair

The turn of the current century gave us a firm grasp of the benefits of the smooth, straight, and sleek hairstyles. And now, a decade into the new millennium we see the next stage in that evolution of style. This long style features a clean, soft cutting line that graduates from chin length in the foreground to the mid-back at its longest point.
The near-platinum blonde color creates a shimmering canvas that gleams in the light. The ends of the hair are softened with a razor-cut texture and lie gently along the skin with a transition - thanks to the texturing - that is nearly invisible.
long and short hair contrast
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Collection: Paris Fatal
Artistic Director: Fabien Provost for Franck Provost
Hair: Fabien Provost and Alexandrine Piel
Make-up: Charlotte Willer
Styling: Wil
Photos: Adel Awad
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