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Versatile Men's Haircut

Even traditional men's looks can be made to be versatile. The haircut shown in the previous photo is again displayed, but with a whole new direction in styling. The layering in the sides and nape and the cleanly defined perimeter lines present a terrific anchor for the volume and lift created in the top and fringe sections.
Using a styling paste or gel, the hair is given lift and directed upward to create a look that elongates the face and features a slight rock-a-billy sensibility. It's a look that is great for a night out or special events when you want to make a statement.
And let's face it, when you're stepping out with your date, you need to make sure that your look provides balance with hers, otherwise, you end up looking like someone who couldn't be bothered to make an effort. And that's never a good look.
Collection: Autumn-Winter
Hairstyle: Intermède
Hair: William Lepec
Color: Jérôme Poret
Styling: Kathrin Lezinsky
Photography: Jean-François Verganti
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