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Bisected Swell of Hair

Another structured, sculpted hairstyle; this time in sable: This partial up-style features a bisected swell of hair in the crown area, wrapped by wide bands of hair at the base of the swell. The wide, blunted fringe area - spanning ear to ear - is accentuated by a wavy ribbon of hair intended as a styling element.
From the lower crown area the hair falls into tight clusters of inward-turning curls. The styling is again, clean and defined, while the finish is satiny and smooth, allowing for the maximum interplay of light on the hair.
Collection: Scene Collection
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Styling: Beñat Yanci
Products: L'Oréal Professionnel
Photography: David Muñiz
Make-up: Alicia Nájera
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