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Long Sleek and Shiny Hair

Sleek lines like this are never out of style. Especially when the hair is cut to such an ingenious shape! It hugs her face in its heavy, satiny fall an only around the shoulders there is some tapering that comes in to give it extra impact.
The tips are blunt, what gives it a modern and close to choppy effect when the hair moves. Much care went into the design of the part, which is neatly drawn and in a diagonal line from the center back to the very low side on her forehead.
How to achieve this style: After washing your hair, use straightening balm to calm wavy and flyaway hair. When you blow-dry, use a round brush and point the hairdryer nozzle down the hair shaft. This will smooth your hair and leave it extra shiny.
Collection: Long Hairstyles
Hairstyle: La Biosthetique Paris
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