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Straight and Shiny Hair

This long and straight hairstyle turns very retro with the fascinating bangs. These are cut in a straight line so that they almost tickle her eyelashes. The sides along the face are finely tapered and the styling is all about creating a sleek and shiny appearance. This cut works great also with thick and dense hair. The shape brings much focus on her eyes.
How to achieve this look: If a shiny and well groomed straight hairstyle is what you are after, you should definitely invest in a quality straightening iron. It is an essential tool to create this polished look and also comes in handy to add shape to shorter layers. After blow-drying your long hair, straighten the back first and work around the head until you reach the front.
Long hair with bangs cut in a straight line
Collection: Long Hairstyles
Hairstyle: La Biosthetique Paris
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