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Shoulder-Skimming Curls

These curls get their flair through their soft fall and with the side part, this shoulder length bob is a great and timeless example of casual elegance. The hairstyle has a calming simplicity but also a ton of finesse and radiance. A dark brown is the base color, with very subtle lights in it. A side part allows the hair on the smaller side to be tugged behind one ear. A winner!
How to achieve this style: Even straight hair can be set to create this hairstyle with shoulder-skimming curls. Dry your hair, spritz it with some setting spray and set it on medium sized Velcro rollers. For extra hold, re-spritz setting spray over the rollers. Hood dry. When dry and cooled, rake through your hair with your fingers and/or a wide-tooth comb.
Timeless hairstyle with curls touching the shoulders
Collection: Long Hairstyles
Hairstyle: La Biosthetique Paris
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