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Below-The-Brow Bangs

This long bob is trendier than the classic one-length version because of the heavy splicing at the ends, the shaping at the sides and the sexy below-the-brow bangs. A fiery red haircolor is the finishing touch that makes this hairstyle really stunning.
All of the texture makes the hair light and wispy. With that much movement in the style all lines are soft, which of course also affects the features. This type of look is fresh, a little feisty, sporty and so easy to wear.
Just wash, air dry, run fingers through it and go. Some mousse massaged into tresses will build and hold the volume and of course a touch of gloss or shine spray makes the coppery reflexes come out much stronger.
Collection: Long Hairstyles
Hairstyle: La Biosthetique Paris
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