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Long Hair vs Short Hair (2)

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Just because you’ve chosen short hair doesn’t mean you’re going to be a clone. You are unique and original. Your hair should fit your personality as well as your body image. If you are athletic, a smart cut close to your head, with golden/reddish highlights, over a lovely brown would shimmer in the sun. Without a care, heads will turn complimenting your energy.
Perhaps you are older and have arthritis and cannot fix your hair like you once could. With a good shaping you could have a very light wave that wouldn’t be any work for you. Dampen your hair, comb and push it into the relaxed curls that look like you were born that way and voila! Everything stems from a good haircut. You can have the best color and a great permanent but if you didn’t get a good shaping it won’t bring out the best of what you have.
Whether it be long hair and you decide to wear it up as you get older or short hair, the important thing is for you to listen to the desire of your heart but not be afraid of change either.
Of course, like they say “It will always grow back.”
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