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Caring for Your Haircutting Scissors (2)

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#3 – I will remember that my shears are valuable.
One of the most heartbreaking stories I heard upon entering the hairstyling world was of a co-worker who graduated beauty school shortly before I did and whose parents had given her some beautiful (and beautifully expensive) shears as a graduation gift. She was so proud of them and showed them off frequently, telling the sweet story of their provenance. Unfortunately, the salon in which she was working was burglarized, and the drawer of her workstation was prised open (it WAS locked) and her shears were taken, along with the shears of another stylist who had left their shears on premises. Little else was taken.
The fact is that most criminals who would think of burglarizing a salon know enough to know that the stylists’ scissors are usually the single most valuable piece of equipment. They are imminently portable and concealable, and if you have the right buyer available, can be a lucrative target for theft. Of course, this burglary was very likely the result of someone who knew the situation and took advantage, but you never know when you might be in the same boat.
Because of the portable nature of shears (even in a typical case) many stylists simply pack their shears up and keep them on hand wherever they go. The cases usually keep the shears safe in a purse, bag or pocket, and the stylist has the added benefit of knowing that he or she can ply their trade at a moment’s notice.
The above tips are all really common sense: use them for their proper purpose, keep them clean and protected, and treat them as the valuables they are. Remember that your shears are the cornerstone of your livelihood. If you treat them right, they do the same for you.
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