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Sexy Silver Foxes (3)

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      Hairstylists examine every head of hair that comes within sight of them. They cannot help it, it is inside of them whether it is conscious or subconscious; your head is going to be analyzed and they will know in a matter of seconds to a minute whether you tint or perm your hair or both. It doesn’t mean anything personally; their brains are on automatic all of the time. Do not feel intimidated, it is just the way we are, but be forewarned, whatever you do; do not make a fool of yourself and lie to them telling them that you haven’t colored or permed your hair. The more seasoned professionals won’t argue with you, but turn away shaking their heads over what you are trying to get away with while underestimating their intelligence, experience and training. It just doesn’t work. The younger colorists will be shocked that you are trying to get away with saying such a thing. The only one you are fooling is yourself.
      When we watch television we automatically know who is wearing extensions, who has colored their hair and who hasn’t. We also visualize how someone would look with a better haircut. We can see how it would improve them, so when we see a newscaster wearing the same old dragged haircut day in and day out and covering up her grey with a drab dark brown that does nothing for them, we just want to get our hands on their hair!
      Summing up, there isn’t anything wrong with covering up your “gray” hair when you are convinced that this must be done. The final difference is with those who see the silver instead of the “grey.” It is how you see yourself. In the end, you are the one who must be at peace with your hair and this means feeling really good, maybe even a Sexy Silver Fox.
Penny Williams - Hair Stylist
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