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10 Reasons to Let Your Hair Grow Long (2)

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9. Style it up! The longer your hair is, the easier it will be to create pretty braids and many up styles. Try a bun, a French Twist or French Braid. Those, by the way don’t have to be old fashioned or homely. Use some fun accessories like colored hair sticks or glitzy pins to glam it up. A few loose hairs around the bun also make it trendy and so not like your grandmother’s look. Enjoy the many different looks that you can create, enjoy your hair and play with it to your heart’s content.
10. Show off your natural curl. Why not be breathtaking if you have the locks to do so. Natural curls can turn frizzy fast when the hair is short, but with more length they stretch out to form the most amazing waves, give the hair body and a beautiful flow.
It does not matter what your reason is for letting your hair grow. Maybe you just enjoy the silky feel caressing your shoulders in a strapless dress or you just think it is pretty on you. Just keep in mind that it only looks good when it is cared for. Regular brushing and untangling as well as good conditioning are a must. If long hair is not shiny, has split ends and hangs down in a drab loveless look, then you should perhaps go for a shorter style. But if you are willing to do the work, then by all means let it grown and enjoy the abundance!
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