Raspy Short Hair for 40+ Women

A new hairstyle for a new you.
We would like to introduce the best results of our before/after photo production about short hairstyles: women with raspy short hair. All with special emphasis on the haircolor. The results are spectacular and show again how easy it is to change ones type merely with a perfect cut, a perfectly balanced color and make-up.
There was much to celebrate for the 40th Anniversary of Essanelle – and there was also a very special competition for Essanelle customers: the election of the Essanelle Top Hair Model. All ladies and gentlemen who had at least the age of Essanelle, 40+, received an especially cordial invitation. The participation was rewarded with a makeover done by the hair and beauty experts Jürgen and Tobias Tröndle.
Bettina - Courage for Change
Bettina before and after her hair makeover
Bettina showed much courage to change for this highly fashionable look. The ashy blonde was replaced by a copper tone in the light blonde nuances, the hair was shortened to the length of a match and the sides were softened.
The rounded micro bands bring attention to Bettina’s beautiful face and offers many possibilities to style the cut in many different ways and to make it look different every time.
Put up with gel, blow-dried straight or casually wispy – a new cut and a new color have changed Bettina to a new type, appearing lively and modern.
Brigitte - New Pizzazz with Highlights
Brigitte before and after her hair makeover
Gray hair, faded highlights and a grown out cut – all factors that made Brigitte look older than she really is. To make her appear fresher dark ash blonde and nordic blonde strands were set into her gray hair. They add great light reflections to the hair and make Brigitte’s eyes sparkle.
On the sides, in the contours, thin strands were used and on top of the head thin ones alternate with thicker ones. The short page cut with asymmetrical bangs allows many different looks that Brigitte can easily and quickly do herself.
For that special appearance Jürgen Tröndle suggested to blow dry all the hair straight and then set shimmering highlights with the Keranelle Perfection Polish Shine Gel.
Katharina - The Perfect Blonde
Katharina before and after her pixie makeover
Katharina applied to the Top Hair Models competition wearing a cut that was perfectly tailored to her type. The only thing missing, was the dot on the i: a sunny blonde achieved with a Colorfresh transparent color in gold, accentuated by thin, light strands – the perfect blond, bringing out her complexion and adding a new glow.
In addition the contours were emphasized and the main hair was layered once again. Katharina is now able to change her look completely with just a few touches: e.g. part hair, add a little Keranelle Perfection Waxx Attack Gel and spike the hair up from the partition on. A very important tip for the perfect blond: always use a special shampoo: e.g. Keranelle Intense Revival Color Shampoo, to make the color stay beautiful for a long time.
This length is best blow dried over a flat brush: Tunnelevent from Silverline. The line with the great quality of a brush-collection that was produces especially for the Essanelle Salons.
Photos: Essanelle