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       Then again, maybe you want to show off the brand new hairstyle you’ve gotten. So pick a nice, simple gown and have your make-up professionally done, then accessorize the look with some simple jewelry pieces.
       The bottom line is that you want to make sure that you’re giving the aspect you want to put on display the center stage. And when in doubt, remember that “less” is often “more”.
Extra Tips:
       There are a few extra tips that can help you in dealing with Formal situations. They are as follows:
       • Balance is important. If your dress has a lot of volume in the upper parts of the bodice (such as from puffy sleeves, or broad shoulders or collar) you want to keep the hair up and in a simple style. You can use adornments in the hair, but you want to avoid creating the “ice cream cone” effect where you look too top-heavy.
       • Low-cut dresses, backless dresses, and strapless dresses are all suitable vehicles for wearing longer hair or loosely-coiffed up-styles. In fact, a loosely-gathered twist up-style with wispy tendrils brushing along the neck can make for a very alluring look.
       • If you opt for a classic or vintage garment for an event, make sure to keep to the spirit of the style period you are wearing. For instance, if you choose a vintage gown from the 1960s, wearing a hairstyle that matches the mood of the period will be terrific and complete the effect. Otherwise, you risk creating an anachronistic look that will cause you to appear somehow “off”.
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