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The Special Needs of African-American Hair (2)

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      However, some women want lighter hair and in some cases go from their natural level 1 black color to levels 8 and 9 for bright blondes. This kind of lightening can result in straw-like texture on Ethnic hair even when done professionally and should under no circumstances be attempted without professional assistance. There are many high-end African-American professionals who have been campaigning against the trend of over-lightening Ethnic hair because of the hazards inherent in the process.
      It is important to remember that damaged hair cannot be "cured". The only option is to treat the hair with products that will protect it from further damage and help the hair to "look" healthy. Think on this when you are thinking of trying to lighten your hair. The first time you run your fingers through your hair and pull away with a handful of broken ends it will be too late.
      All of these processes lead to stressed-out and weakened hair, prone to breaking. Because of this, Ethnic hair undergoing these processes must be treated frequently to strengthen the hair with proteins, re-hydrate the hair with moisture, and seal the hair against moisture loss. It's also imperative that the products used with Ethnic hair reflect these needs. There are many products currently available for Ethnic hair, and the hair care industry is releasing new product lines constantly.
      In the case of Ethnic hair, it is important to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner containing moisture-rich ingredients, and to condition the hair every day, even when you don't shampoo. It is also important to use a light, oil-based treatment to lock-in the moisture and prevent damage from styling. This becomes doubly important if you use heated appliances. Finally, consider a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week, and protein treatments on at least a monthly basis.
      By taking attentive care to the needs of Ethnic hair, you can be assured that you will have healthy hair with which you can be completely happy.
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